''I can recommend JoJo as a pilates teacher wholeheartedly. She has a great eye for movement allowing her to adapt and progress her exercises accordingly and for the specific requirements of her clients. Its wonderful to have such a skilled and enthusiastic pilates teacher in Cheltenham that I can happily refer my patients too and clinically reason with for optimum rehabilitation results. She has a magical fun way of teaching that leaves her clients buzzing for more.''

Philippa Sawtell, 

Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor

Tivoli Chiropractic Clinic, Cheltenham.  


''Jo Jo’s knowledge and experience is extensive. She really makes it her priority to understand her clients needs, limitations and aspirations. She is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend.''

Dr. Sarah W, GP


''Jojo has helped to instil a real confidence in me, allowing me to drastically reduce any pain and discomfort I was experiencing in the past. Her classes are always different and JoJo always manages to set the correct level of difficulty to keep things interesting and progressive.I highly recommend JoJo!''                                Jojo is truly brilliant, her excellent knowledge of the human body has meant that she’s been able to help me improve my strength, fitness and flexibility all whilst I've been dealing with a long standing lower back and hip problem.'

Mark, age 41


“Jojo has given me the perfect routine to blend with my rugby by producing a program that caters to my needs and works on the intricacies of physiology rather than the big muscle groups that’s as rugby players we tend to focus on. Jojo will add years to my playing career''

Ollie, Gloucester Rugby Player


'Jojo's Barre classes are definitely fun, but more importantly her skill set as a seasoned professional is exacting and vigilant. She will guide you and your body into the right positions, at your pace for the optimum results.'



Jojo has taught me for more than a decade and is the most motivational instructor ever. She will push you to your full capability but constantly have her eye on your posture/technique so that you always feel safe in her hands.

Tracy, Artist


 ''...Enthusiastic, anatomically knowledgeable – fun to work with – energising

Each class is a surprise.''

Pamela - Aged 87


"...even after 8 years, classes with you twice a week, you always find exercises that are totally new! I appreciate all the effort you put into every class keeping it fresh and challenging."


"As an equestrian, Jojo took me on an incredible fitness journey.  I was very impressed to see quick results within a short time on my horse. I have learned so much about the muscle groups to focus on both on and off the horse.  Now I can finally stop worrying about my weak areas and just relax and enjoy my ride!"


Nouf, Dressage Competitor, age 24