Updated: Aug 5, 2020

1. PILATES IS A WHOLE-BODY FITNESS : Starting from Core Strength

2. ADAPTABLE TO ALL FITNESS LEVELS AND NEEDS: 'Your only as young as your   spine.' Joseph Pilates

3. CREATES STRENGTH WITHOUT BULK: Think long and lean!

4. INCREASES FLEXIBILITY: If one method of stretching doesn't work, there are others!

5. EXPLAINS HOW TO IMPROVE POSTURE: It's not just 'Pull your shoulders back!'

6. INCREASES ENERGY: Gets breath & circulation going; stimulates spinal muscles; body floods with endorphins!

7. INCREASES MIND/BODY CONNECTION: Focus and concentration on being in the moment.

8. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO LEARN THE MOVEMENTS: 100's of cues and visualisation help the client to understand what muscles and joints to move and where to feel it!

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