'Mindful movement for lasting change'

Our mission is to re-educate and rebalance the body making you feel stronger, healthier, and happier. We are so excited you are on this positive journey of mindful movement for lasting change.

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''Jo Jo’s knowledge and experience is extensive. She really makes it her priority to understand her clients needs, limitations and aspirations. She is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend.'' Sarah W


Whether it’s Live class, video on demand, or private 1:1 Pilates, the  experience will leave you feeling happier from the inside out.


The aim of the JMethod is to open an intelligent communication between your mind and body. Daily habitual incorrect movement, injury or physical and emotional stress can cause discomfort and imbalance in the body. We aim to address dysfunctional movement and poor posture posture patterns that result in musculo-skeletal imbalances.


Through stretching muscles, mobilising the joints, and proper core support we can improve optimal functionality of the body and/or ease any pain and discomfort.


The JMethod encourages you to breathe deeply, let go of old habits, and experience a more thoughtful way of moving in your everyday life.

“Jojo has given me the perfect routine to blend with my rugby by producing a program that caters to my needs and works on the intricacies of physiology rather than the big muscle groups that’s as rugby players we tend to focus on. Jojo will add years to my playing career''
Ollie, Gloucester Rugby Player 




Pilates is a safe form of exercise for all ages and abilities.

It's an intelligent way of exercising, learning about oneself, re-balancing muscles and joints, improving strength, posture and flexibility, and relieving pain and discomfort. 

Private 1:1 Equipment and Mat Pilates classes are held in a boutique Studio in Cheltenham (Town Centre).  Informative Postural and Musculoskeletal analysis and Home Exercise Programs are offered.  Online Pilates Zoom classes and Video Subscription for Mat Pilates, Total Barre & Reformer Jumpboard are also available.  

Sports specific training for athletes from runners, cyclists, horse riders, rugby players helps individuals to take their abilities to the next level.

Suitable for injury rehabilitation and health recovery. An experienced and caring approach is given to all those  from pre/post operative, pre/post natal, spinal and hip issues to cancer survivors and chronic condition sufferers.

An up to date STOTT PILATES certified instructor trained across many disciplines, you will feel happy, safe and succeed with Jojo's Pilates.